Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vermont vs. Kentucky Newspaper Headlines

Caledonian-Record Headlines (Local Vermont and New Hampshire Newspaper)

* Accused Horse Abusers Plead Not Guility

* NH GOV. signs tough plant closing law

KY Post Headlines ( Kentucky Newspaper)

* Insect Prompts Tougher Ban on Firewood

* Dixie Chili Manger to go to Jail

Amazingly similar!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Joy of Being an Adult #1

1. Eating an Ice Cream Drumstick for breakfast!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY (August 9th)

Outside my window...Neighborhood children are playing outside. It finally cooled off enough to be outside

I am thinking...about what to have for dinner

I am thankful for...my husband and A.C

From the kitchen...new stuff from Sam's club

I am wearing... Shorts and a nice t

I am creating...a blog

I am going...to bed soon

I am reading...just finished Small Acts of Grace by Alice Gray

I am hoping...to have children someday

I am hearing...Lord of the Rings

Around the house...there is a mess

One of my favorite things...pillows

Afew plans for the rest of the week: Work, Pick up my pottery at the pottery place, Take lots of photos

Here is picture thought I am sharing..

Where was the Sweet Tea?

N.V.H and I went to a classic car show after church this afternoon. It was 96 degrees out and I was a baking. Anyway, I tried not to complain because I know that N.V.H really wanted to go and oggle all of the pretty cars. So I went. We saw one of those Back-To-The-Future cars where the doors go up! Thats pretty cool. N.V.H had a good time chatting up some of the car owners.

After looking at all the purdy cars we scarffed up some hamburgers at the food booth there. Yummy! I love food booths that support a charity. I feel like my $ is going to something good. While the food is going someplace good as well, MY STOMACH! It's a win-win situation! So anyway I saw ICE TEA on the menu. I love my ice tea. Now, living in Kentucky I expected that the tea be sweetned. Isn't that the only way that they serve it in Kentucky? Well, No! Something is seriously wrong when someone is selling ice tea and there is not a sweet tea option. That is just plain blasphemous if you ask me. Those people running the food booth must have been from OHIO. That is truly the only explanation!

Real Butta and Flat Hair!

Real Butter! Before there was Paula Deen, there was Julia Child the original fan of "REAL BUTTA".

Went to see Julie and Julia, which I must say was quite enchanting. Meryl Streep really hit it out of the park as "Julia". I felt like I was actually watching the real Julia Child. Amy Adams was very spunky in this movie. She was somewhat reminiscent of Meg Ryan in "French Kiss". I love spunky and neurotic characters! I really connected with "Julie". A woman at 30 who is struggling with the fact that she is not doing in life what she expected. She comes to realize that 30 is not so bad and she actually does have something to offer the world.

I will go see it again! Yet, I might just wait until it comes to the "cheap seats" . I don't want to take up another seat. Go see it,I promise, you'll love it!

In honor of Julia child I came home and baked some most delicious blueberry muffins! Yummy! They were divine just out of the oven.

In other news, I knew that the heat would eventually get here. I couldn't be so lucky as to have a summer that was completely comfortable. No, the 90+ weather is here. I do not find it in any way to be nice. I hear people raving about the weather. I want to stick my tongue out at them. Give me a 60 degree day that is sunny. So, Michael and I will hunker down in a cold house with the windows drawn and watch movies, just waiting for the weather to get cooler!

I wonder how many of the women here in Kentucky managed to keep such perfect hair and make-up in all this humidity. It is absolutely boggles my mind. If I even attempt to put a stick of make-up on it would immediately slide off of my face. My hair, it turns into a big grease ball and lies damp and lifeless against my flat head. Its quite a pretty sight. Oh Southern ladies, please share with me your secret to staying beautiful in the humidity.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emily and NVH go to the World's Longest Yard Sale

I've always heard that "One Person's Trash is Another Person's treasure". N.V.H (Non-Vermonter Husband) and I like to go yard-salein' and to thrift stores. In the past we've had some pretty good success rading other peoples trash...I mean treasures! A $20 guitar for N.V.H, a giant stash of Leggos for $ 5, and some really great white ceramic bowls that are great for putting salsa in. We know a bargin when we see one.

So N.V.H, not to be confused with NVRH which is a hospital(he,he) decided that we should attend the "World's Longest Yard Sale". Ok I thought "why not!?" I was thankful he didn't want to take a drive all the way down to the end of it in Georgia, so I was pretty happy to wade through the sales in our area. It did not disapoint. We started at Main Strasse village. Nothing really caught my eye down there. I did manage to get a picture of the sign announcing the event. I'm a sucker for signs!

So anyways, N.V.H and I drove around. There were tables set up all over the place. Sketchy guys pulled over to the side of the road hawking things like headboards, baby clothes, and exercise equipment. The whole day was fit for people watching. The most ummmm...colorful personalities come to the giant yards sales.

Then we found the mecca of all-yard saleishness :D The Catholic church yard sale. (Insert angel music hear) It all fairness it was actually a parking-lot sale. There were the church ladies and gentlemen selling hamburgers in which we partook of. Then, my new favorite KONA ICE was there as well. If that is not good enough for ya, I got a white gravy boat for $1 and a very small serving platter for another $1. It pays to go at the end, because while the items might be picked over, you can't beat the prices for the stuff left over. Thats when you can usually find that diamond in the rough. Michael (N.V.H) also picked up a very nice castiron pan!

Some of the items ready to purchase on Main Strasse

I love seeing glassware all set out in pretty rows like this. I have far too much of it at home. I've been suckered into buying more by looking at displays like this.

A Kentucky uniform shirt.

Jugs ready for the whiskey!

I'm pretty sure that this was not for sale, but N.V.H kept asking me to take pictures of it. So thats just what I did.

Thats it for now folks, I'm a fixin' to head out to see Julie and Julia. Hey, did I just say fixin'? Oh well!

Vermont Car Sightings

I get soooooo excited when I see a Vermont or New Hampshire car while I'm in Ohtuckana (I made that up myself) I usually speed up to read any bumper stickers or dealership stickers to somehow find out where they are from. If I see a Vermont car in a parking lot, I usually leave a note saying HI! If a person is in the car, I will speak to them. Here are my latest sightings.

8/4/09: At the Kroger Parking Lot in Erlanger Kenctucky

An SUV with Vermont licence plate. Spoke to passenger who was in the vechicle at the time. Was told that they are "from" Bradford but are here visiting family.

8/7/09: On I75 South in Kentucky. Got off on the Buttermilk Pike Exit.

The car was small and blue. There was a man appox. 50 years old and a women appearing to be of the same age. I waved at them, they did not wave back

Day 788

I moved to the bluegrass state in 2007 just before getting married. Mind you I didn't come straight from Vermont either. I lived in Ohio for almost two years before that. So you may be thinking, well this girl is a Full Fledged "Flatlander". Well folks, I am not about ready to give up my Vermonter Card just yet.

I'm a lot more "Vermonter" than those crazy people who come up from New York City who want to live in the "country". My parents were born in Vermont, so were my Grandparents, and their parents, and their parents as well. Well, my kin has been in Vermont for as long as most folks can remember.

Then why leave Vermont? Sometimes you just have to go where the jobs lead ya.

So come along with me as I experience life in Kentucky!

From the (802) to the (859)