Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where was the Sweet Tea?

N.V.H and I went to a classic car show after church this afternoon. It was 96 degrees out and I was a baking. Anyway, I tried not to complain because I know that N.V.H really wanted to go and oggle all of the pretty cars. So I went. We saw one of those Back-To-The-Future cars where the doors go up! Thats pretty cool. N.V.H had a good time chatting up some of the car owners.

After looking at all the purdy cars we scarffed up some hamburgers at the food booth there. Yummy! I love food booths that support a charity. I feel like my $ is going to something good. While the food is going someplace good as well, MY STOMACH! It's a win-win situation! So anyway I saw ICE TEA on the menu. I love my ice tea. Now, living in Kentucky I expected that the tea be sweetned. Isn't that the only way that they serve it in Kentucky? Well, No! Something is seriously wrong when someone is selling ice tea and there is not a sweet tea option. That is just plain blasphemous if you ask me. Those people running the food booth must have been from OHIO. That is truly the only explanation!

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