Sunday, August 9, 2009

Real Butta and Flat Hair!

Real Butter! Before there was Paula Deen, there was Julia Child the original fan of "REAL BUTTA".

Went to see Julie and Julia, which I must say was quite enchanting. Meryl Streep really hit it out of the park as "Julia". I felt like I was actually watching the real Julia Child. Amy Adams was very spunky in this movie. She was somewhat reminiscent of Meg Ryan in "French Kiss". I love spunky and neurotic characters! I really connected with "Julie". A woman at 30 who is struggling with the fact that she is not doing in life what she expected. She comes to realize that 30 is not so bad and she actually does have something to offer the world.

I will go see it again! Yet, I might just wait until it comes to the "cheap seats" . I don't want to take up another seat. Go see it,I promise, you'll love it!

In honor of Julia child I came home and baked some most delicious blueberry muffins! Yummy! They were divine just out of the oven.

In other news, I knew that the heat would eventually get here. I couldn't be so lucky as to have a summer that was completely comfortable. No, the 90+ weather is here. I do not find it in any way to be nice. I hear people raving about the weather. I want to stick my tongue out at them. Give me a 60 degree day that is sunny. So, Michael and I will hunker down in a cold house with the windows drawn and watch movies, just waiting for the weather to get cooler!

I wonder how many of the women here in Kentucky managed to keep such perfect hair and make-up in all this humidity. It is absolutely boggles my mind. If I even attempt to put a stick of make-up on it would immediately slide off of my face. My hair, it turns into a big grease ball and lies damp and lifeless against my flat head. Its quite a pretty sight. Oh Southern ladies, please share with me your secret to staying beautiful in the humidity.

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